Road trip part 5 – Tiene cambio?

So on our last full day in Miami, we took a drive over to Little Havana in Miami. FYI, the “historic” part of the area is on 8th street (Calle Ocho) between 13th and 17th or so. It will save you a lot of driving around, trust me. Anyways, we got to see the walk of fame … Continue reading

Miami – burning up

We finally made it to Miami! Those last few hours on the road seemed like they would never end. I almost suspected that Mike pulled over while I was taking a nap because it seemed like we were barely making progress! But we finally got here and checked into our hotel. Hotel location is nice, right on Ocean … Continue reading

Road trip part 4 – Getting lost

I think Mike and I learned an important lesson on this journey – do not ever exit the freeway into a city where you were not planning  to stop. Cities are big and confusing. They have detours, closed roads, and strange characters. Our first experience was Birmingham, Alabama. Instead of waiting for a clearly labeled stop with … Continue reading

Road trip part 3 – Graceland

We couldn’t leave Memphis without visiting Graceland. The tour started at Elvis’ mansion, which was decorated quite stylishly. Let me just say, the peacock stained glass in the living room – I WANT that. It was an interesting tour, though, learning about the life of another legend. Besides the mansion, there were a number of other exhibits we checked … Continue reading

Road Trip Part 2 – Memphis

Our next stop on the trip was Memphis, TN. Although we got into town rather late and didn’t have much time to spend there, I really got to like this city. Driving in, we came up Riverside Drive, which took us towards a bridge crossing the Mississippi River that was beautifully lit with yellow-orange lights. … Continue reading

Road trip part 1 – Land of Lincoln

The first stop on our road trip was Springfield, where we visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. The museum truly is very unique the way it takes you on a “journey” of Lincoln’s life – and they certainly spared no expense on some very cool, interactive exhibits! (Full disclosure here – Illinois Bureau … Continue reading

Fifth time’s a charm

So, after four previous attempts at a blog, I’m giving it another go. Fifth time’s the charm, right? My first blog was a livejournal account in college where I somewhat regularly posted melodramatic updates about my very emotional life. Then I tried a blogspot account, not sure whatever happened with that one. After that, I … Continue reading