Craigslist tips from someone who’s never posted anything on Craigslist

I may have never posted anything on Craigslist myself, but I’ve been browsing apartments for rent and here are some things I’ve learned…. 1. Don’t lie or try to trick me. Seems simple enough, but if you’re claiming to have a photo on your listing, it better not just be one of your logo. I … Continue reading

Mission Impossible: Bus 151 Edition

When I once again found myself on a mission last night, Daniela and I came to the conclusion that we have to start chronicling these escapades. Whether it’s a ridiculous attempt to take public transportation somewhere or a trip to Michigan for an ice cream cone, we need to keep track of these things. So … Continue reading

Top 5 Reasons I’m Having a Bad Day

Well, so far it’s just a bad morning, but I’m not going to get my hopes up. 1. My hair is a hot mess and I have nothing to wear. 2. Woke up to random text messages. You know who you are. 3. My Outlook email took 20 minutes to load. 4. I slammed my … Continue reading

Rearranging the story of your life

I was reading an article about Vladimir Nabokov’s last novel in Wired, and this passage caught my attention about how he wrote his novels: “…the unusual manuscript, written on 138 numbered index cards now yellowed with age. Nabokov routinely composed on such cards, shuffling and reshuffling the deck as he wrote.” It just made me think … Continue reading

Lessons from a two-time MOH

Now that I’ve been a maid of honor in two weddings, I’m pretty much an expert on the subject. So, I wanted to share some tips that I learned through the experience…   1. Do your research and see what your responsiblities are. These were my first two times even being in a wedding so … Continue reading