Elderly Immigrants in U.S. Isolated – or are they?

I just read this article about immigrant elders here in the U.S. and how they feel really displaced and isolated in a country where they don’t speak the language, have to live in very different conditions than in their native countries and live largely untracked lives. As the article mentions, “nobody worries about Americans losing … Continue reading

Kittens continue to be #1 marketing tool

As many people have probably observed, including the movie Funny People, cute kittens are the key to a hit video on YouTube. As if further proof was needed, I just got sucked into watching this 3-minute video of two kittens. And yes, I watched the entire three minutes:     In conclusion, I just have … Continue reading

Standing out on YouTube

I was recently trying to think of ways to create a break-through presence on YouTube, and got to thinking that a lot of the videos that stand out do so because of one of two (or both) reasons: A great concept (this always wins) A new way of using the medium One source I’ve found … Continue reading

I love the 80s – Part Deux

So, I actually am not necessarily all that crazy about the 80s. I don’t go crazy for 80s music or fashion. But I do look back fondly on the TV shows. In part 2 of my reminiscing about 80s TV, I look at my top 5 favorite adult shows from the era. Even though I wasn’t … Continue reading

I love bunnies

I love U.S. Cellular’s new shadow puppets ad (disclosure: they are a client)! Then again, I pretty much love anything with bunnies in it. Including my dinner – just kidding, I only ate rabbit once.

Top 5 80’s children’s show

Don’t you miss being a kid? The simplicity? The innocence? The TV shows? Here are my top 5 favorite TV shows from my childhood: Zoobilee Zoo – can’t beat adults dressed as animals. Although no longer airing, the show now has a Facebook page! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – cartoon ninja turtles, merchandize galore (including … Continue reading