According to Adrian, my best vacation would be to visit a puppy store. Don´t get me wrong, I love puppy stores, but let´s not go overboard just because I notice cute puppies and point them out each time we see one! I can´t help it that I love animals – last I checked, that was … Continue reading

The Disastrous Morning and Tossa del Mar

This morning was, as I called it, a disaster. Late last night, we finally decided to take a bus to Costa Brava to a town called Tossa. The bus was leaving at 10 am this morning, so we figured to leave our hotel at 9 am, just to be safe. Of course, that didn´t happen. … Continue reading

Top 5 things we´ve been eating in Spain (so far)

Jamon Iberico Tortilla española Patatas bravas Bocadillas Dessert!


Tonight we went to see a FCBarcelona (aka Barça) soccer game. Their stadium is huge – it holds 100,000 people! But first things first… So Adrian accidentally ordered six tickets online instead of two – don´t ask me why or how – so we had to sell four tickets at the stadium right before the … Continue reading

Last day in Barcelona

On our last day in Barcelona, we ditched the tour bus and just walked around the city. Although the bus was helpful, there´s nothing like just exploring a place on your own. We took La Rambla all the way down to the port, which is an area Barcelona fixed up a while back. There´s a … Continue reading

Barcelona, Day 2

Today we were super tourists on the double-decker bus again. Unfortunately, the plan to get up early backfired. Again. We headed to breakfast aka lunch at La Boqueria, a marketplace full of fruits, meats, candy, fish and anything you could want to eat. Not that I´d want to eat fish, but some people might. Afterwards, … Continue reading

Tea for two, tap, tap, tap…

Tonight we went to a very cool outdoor performance at one of Barcelona´s parks. It was a group called Camut – they did a percussion dance and drums performance and it was a very cool, jazzy, show. And luckily, I picked up some cool new tap dance moves for my routine with Daniela. We´ll need … Continue reading

Barcelona – Day 1

So for our first official day in Barcelona, we decided to be super tourists and take the double-decker tour bus around the city. First stop was the Sagrada Familia church – Gaudi´s still unfinished structure. It kinda sucks that after all these years, it´s still so heavily under construction. I really love the whole modernist … Continue reading

Hola Barcelona!

I´m officially in Barcelona! Why did I already let Adrian talk me into a mission?!? I wanted to keep things simple and just grab a taxi from the airport to the hotel. That´s what any reasonable human being would do, right? But he wanted to take an adventure on the train. In a city that … Continue reading

A Nordica Native Goes Nordic

So Coppenhagen wasn´t necessarily the fairy tale I dreamed it would be, but I really liked it! Especially considering I had never previously even thought about visiting. The airport was really nice, security was  a breeze and there was a lot of shopping to do. Shopping in stores like Hermes and Burberry that I can´t … Continue reading