Five Nights of Networking

I’m not sure what I was trying to prove to myself – maybe I was just trying to recapture my youth – but for some reason I decided to go out every day this week. My goal was to get out and network – something I suck at! Oh, and have a little fun in the process… … Continue reading

Sweet Home Chicago

As we boarded our train in Barcelona, we were so close to being home, yet so far away! First, we flew to Berlin. Luckily, I knocked out and slept through most of the flight. After a layover in Berlin, we boarded the plane to Chicago. And we waited. And waited while engineers fixed some kind of … Continue reading

Mission Impossible: Madrid to Barcelona Edition

Our last minute planning backfired. Again. Mission: We were in Madrid, but we needed to get to Barcelona for our flight home. Our hopes to find a train deal online died when we saw the last discounted ticket disappear before our eyes because someone was clicking too slow! Unfortunately, the very cool AVE trains that … Continue reading

Last Night in Madrid

After lunch at Don Jamon’s and a much-needed nap, we decided to make the most of our last night in Madrid. But first, of course, we had to eat again! So we stopped by Museo de Jamon (no, not a real museum), where I had a sandwich mixto (grilled ham and cheese with a fried egg … Continue reading

Helpful Hint for Travlers: Venere

I’m glad my mom told me about this website,, which lists hotels, hostels and B&Bs . It’s proven to be really helpful! Especially since we’ve been doing everything last minute. Everytime we switch cities or one hotel gets too expensive, we just check out, head online to reserve a new one through Venere, and go to the new … Continue reading

Let’s go to Segovia!

Today, we took a bus to Segovia. That is, we took a bus after dragging ass getting ready and eating “breakfast.” (On a sidenote, we ate at VIPS for the third time in two days. Not that I minded, because I love me some VIPS!) Unfortunately, when we arrived to Segovia, itwas raining. When in … Continue reading

Parque del Retiro: A Broke Traveler’s Best Bet

As our days in Madrid stretched on and my funds continued to shrink, I decided to pass up a couple museum trips and hang out  in Parque del Retiro instead. I’m actually really glad I had a chance to go relax in the park – it definitely brought back memories of hanging out there after class, and allowed … Continue reading

A disastrous day in Madrid

After Toledo, we returned to Madrid to run many, many errands. None were fun. First, we drove back to Madrid with no breakfast once again! And we had to take five million detours on the way since apparently every road leading into Madrid is under construction. That was followed by a lot of running around in circles trying  … Continue reading


We decided to take a trip from Madrid to Toledo, which is just a 30-45 minute drive away and used to be Spain´s capital. Although if you´re driving, let me warn you, navigating the narrow, steep, winding streets of Toledo is no fun in a car, especially driving stick shift! I know, because that´s exactly … Continue reading

Helpful Hint for Travelers: Locutorio

If you are in Spain and in need of accessing the internet, look for a Locutorio. This is where you can use the internet, make phone calls or even make photocopies. But beware, this is also where pickpockets and thiefs pray on tourists. Keep your hands on your bag/purse/backpack at all times! Even putting your … Continue reading