Putting Musicians to Work in Social Media

I had the chance to attend a Musicians At Work Forum about “Standing Out in a Digital Age,” where panelists spoke about social media for musicians and how to leverage online technologies. I learned a lot, including that my BlackBerry does not get reception in the auditorium of the Chicago Cultural Center. The diverse  panel offered helpful online resources, … Continue reading

My Favorite Ads of the Week

These are some of the TV ads I’ve seen in the past week that have really caught my attention.   1. IKEA’s Kitchen Commercial Hilarious spot that shows a couple going into the kitchen after dinner and giving the appliances a pep talk, locker room style. Love the guy giving the  fridge a chest bump … Continue reading

I love wings but wings don’t love me

Thanks to decades of overindulgence in fried foods, fries and other heart attack-inducing foods, I now have to work on changing my diet. But that doesn’t mean I can’t reminisce about some of my favorite foods. In this edition, I look back at my top three wing spots. 1. Buffalo Wild Wings. This is by far my favorite … Continue reading