Touring tips from the Musicians at Work Forum

I’m beginning to really love the Chicago Artists Resource & Chicago Music Commission’s Musicians at Work Forums (yes, that was a mouthfull). This month’s panel discussion covered touring. The panel was made up of diverse experts, offering a nice and well-rounded point of view from bookers, managers, labels and artists: Moderator: Joanna Quargnali-Linsley, from Misery … Continue reading

AK meets AK at Collabo’s February event

Last week I attended a Collabo event for the first time. It’s a monthly music business mixer event, bringing together established and aspiring musicians under the theme of collaboration. This month’s event took place at DeLux and had a pretty diverse panel talking about breaking barriers and crossing over: Carter Russell: Founder of Carter Russell Music, a a … Continue reading

Date Night: Mariah Carey

Another Saturday night, another date night! This time, I splurged on some tickets to see Mariah Carey. Who needs to pay rent anyways? I decided to take Andrea, the girl with whom I’d stay up on the phone during junior high and high school listening to Mariah: “Ok, press play now!” The night started out a … Continue reading

Date Night: Landmark Grill

My friend Daniela and I decided that we need to get out more. So we got all dolled up to check out a new restaurant: Landmark Grill. Let me clarify, I mean it was new to us, not new to Chicago. Making reservations. Yes, I did call ahead to make reservations. I didn’t want my Latin lover to have … Continue reading