Art galleries pop up throughout Chicago

As I was bumming around downtown Chicago the other day, I decided to stop by an exhibit, “Love Flows Both Ways.” It’s an urban art exhibit I heard about after I stumbled upon the Maxwell Colette Gallery blog, which is a very cool source of urban and street art. What I alsoΒ stumbled upon is Pop-Up … Continue reading

Cook County Forest Preserve: Niles edition

What a beautiful fall day for a bike ride through the woods! Things I saw on the bike trail today: A wolf in the woods. Ok, it wasn’t really a wolf. Technically it was a woman walking a husky, but at first I didn’t see the woman in the woods so it really did look … Continue reading

I run Paris

I saw these billboards in Paris for Nike, and LOVE them. Simple, completely relevant headline that makes an impact: I RUN PARIS.

Drizzy Drake Concert at Chicago Theater

I got to see Drake in concert at the Chicago Theater (yes, I planned my return from Europe and then L.A. to be back on time just in case my friend came through with a ticket, which he did!), and it was a great show! The performances were relatively simple, but all I needed was … Continue reading