Day 9: Someone you didn’t want to let go, but just drifted

I’m usually reluctant to let anyone escape from my life, which is why I love social media – it really does help you stay connected with people, no matter how superficially. Plus, I enjoy stalking people.

But like most people, there are definitely some childhood friends that I’ve drifted from over the years, for no real reason except that our lives took different turns.

First, there’s the Nordica/Elementary South/Culver crew. There are definitely still a lot of people I keep in touch with to this day (most of my closest girlfriends are the ones I met in first grade), but there are a couple of childhood “best friends” that I no longer really keep in touch with, like Britta (at least we’re Facebook friends now) and Thomese.

There’s also a group of family friends with whom I keep in touch to varying degrees. Since I don’t have much family in the U.S., these were like my cousins growing up: Eva, Magda, Ola, Karolina & Michael. I decided I’m going to host a Polish family friends reunion sometime soon to get everyone back together!

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