Polish film The Officer’s Wife premieres in Chicago

Director Piotr Uzarowicz will be in the house for a post-screening Q&A during the Chicago premiere of The Officer’s Wife. You’ll have two chances to catch the movie – and the director – at the Chicago Cultural Center. The movie deals with the Katyn massacre, which occurred in 1940 but continues to evoke strong emotions. It … Continue reading

Day 4 – a song that makes you sad

Day 3 – a song that makes you happy

I don’t know why, but everytime I hear this song I just get happy and full of energy:

Day 2 – your least favorite song

These are songs that remind me of U of I, but I really like to refer to them as “get the f*ck out the bar” songs. That’s because they are always played right before closing time. Either that, or hearing them just makes me want to leave.

May’s COLLABO event recap

I’ll say one thing – you never know what will happen at a monthly COLLABO music industry mixer event! That’s why you should always come out. I’ve been going for a while now, and I always manage to network with someone new, see some great performances and learn something from the panelists. This time around, … Continue reading

day 01 – your favorite song

So, considering it took me several days just to get to day 1, my 30-day song challenge is off to a rough start. Plus, I hate “absolute” questions like this, but I’ll give it a try. I’ll go back to the junior high days for this one – can’t deny my slow jam roots!

May COLLABO music industry mixer tonight

Come out to Tini Martini tonight for May’s COLLABO industry mixer event! Yours truly will be participating on the panel, discussing social media for musicians. COLLABŌ Definition: Derived from the word ‘collaborate’. 1: to work jointly with others or together esp. in an intellectual endeavor Music Industry Mixer Tuesday, May 24th, 2011 @Tini Martini 2169 … Continue reading

30 day challenge: song version

Dare I start another challenge after the last 30-day-turned-five-month one? day 01 – your favorite song day 02 – your least favorite song day 03 – a song that makes you happy day 04 – a song that makes you sad day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone day 06 – a … Continue reading

Around the way girl

Daniela emailed me this definition of what an around the way girl is from Urban Dictionary: “a girl that is comfortable enough with her own femininity that she rocks sneakers that can show up any man (with sexiness that rivals any other chick in stilettos). this girl knows how get down, is smart mouthed, confident, intelligent, … Continue reading

Musicians at Work Forum: Booking your band

This month’s Chicago Artists Resource Musicians at Work Forum focused on booking your band, and featured some good, practical advice from local experts: Mary Jones:  Artist management & booking, Mary Jones Management/Road Jones Booking Ben Gray: Musician/booker Brian Keigher: Senior program manager for Chicago Office of Tourism and Culture Angie Mead: Programming & PR at Uncommon … Continue reading