My LATISM 2011 Conference Recap

This year, LATISM brought its annual conference to Chicago and I had a chance to attend. If you’re not familiar with LATISM, it stands for Latinos in Social Media and is a great organization to follow year-long. It’s official hashtag, #LATISM, gets hundreds if not thousands of hits daily on Twitter as users share any … Continue reading

Day 15 – A song that describes you

Once again, I’ve embarked on a 30-day challenge that has turned into a six month challenge. But I’m determined to finish it! Day 15 (5 months later) is a song that describes me. How to choose just one song that captures the complexity of me?? But then I remembered that I actually wrote a post … Continue reading

Musicians at Work Forum Recap: How to Run Your Business

This month’s Musicians at Work Forum offered some very practical information for any musician or artist who actually wants to get paid. A panel of lawyers & licensing experts offered tips on copyrights, contracts and other intellectual property issues. Here are some highlights… “He who owns, controls” – Peter Strand Members of the band/group should … Continue reading

Drinks at Sofitel’s Le Bar

I had a long day but also had cause to celebrate, so when Frances text me to grab a drink, I couldn’t resist. We decided to go to Le Bar at the Sofitel Hotel, which I’ve been to a few times now. It’s the perfect place for “just one drink” – and you really only … Continue reading

My top 5 WTTW cooking programs

I’m pretty challenged in the cooking department, but I also don’t have cable, so that results in many hours of watching cooking programs on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW-11. It’s not that I’m trying to learn how to cook, per se, I just love watching other people cook for some reason. That being said, here are … Continue reading

Bachata makes everything better: Only Girl Remix

At the lovely closing reception for LATISM, the DJ busted out this bachata remix of Rihanna’s Only Girl. Admittedly, I don’t especially love this song, but I’m really feeling the bachata version. The beginning it a little rough, but the hook sounds great.

Find unique antiques at the Randolph Street Holiday Market

I recently read about the Randolph Street Market in Today’s Chicago Woman, and heard that their annual Holiday Market is coming up next weekend. The market is a monthly affair, featuring a variety of antiques and other unique items from throughout the city. Reading about the antique market even prompted me to take an impromptu … Continue reading

Florence + the Machine: Addicted to Love

I’m probably way behind here, but I just heard this song the other day, and I love it! I haven’t been a hardcore Florence fan, but she’s been popping up all over the place lately, and I really love the unique take on this song. It sounds dark and deep and just different.