Creative Chicago Expo expands to two days

If you’re doing anything even remotely creative in Chicago, you should definitely check out the Creative Chicago Expo, March 23-24 at the Chicago Cultural Center. The expo is a chance for arts organizations and artists of all disciplines to connect, exchange  information, and share best practices. It features hundreds of booths from the city’s art, music, … Continue reading

Chicago’s Blok Club DJs Annual Meet & Greet this Sunday

This Sunday, hundreds of DJs and other involved in the music industry will gather at Adriana’s to network during the Blok Club DJs annual meet & greet event this Sunday. Last year’s event brought out labels, artists, executives, promoters, and media, so if you’re doing music or want to be doing music, don’t miss this prime networking … Continue reading

“Luminous Field” Cloud Gate at Millennium Park

On Friday, we took advantage of an unseasonably mild February evening in Chicago to check out the Luminous Field light installation at the “bean” at Millennium Park. A little wine & cheese at Eno beforehand helped us brace the cold, also. If you haven’t checked out the installation, I recommend stopping by before it ends … Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day

I’m not really a mushy person, and it’s really hard for me not to slip into my typical sarcastic wit (which I think is quite charming) even though I actually have a Valentine! But I will attempt to keep things short & sweet. Thank you to my Valentine, Adam, for completely surprising me with these … Continue reading

Happy Birthday to me

In an attempt to be more positive about another year of life having gone by, here are my top 5 moments of my birthday weekend: 1. My awesome co-workers decorated my office, so I had to burst through the streamers in style! 2. The cutest cake ever from Sweet Kat’s Creations! We were celebrating Mindy’s … Continue reading

Art Dealer Chic Photo Challenge: Book

Day 8 of the Art Dealer Chic photo challenge is a book you like. I don’t think it’s any secret at this point that The Alchemist is my favorite book. I’ve written about it time and time and time again.

Art Dealer Chic Photo Challenge: Blue

I’m not much of a photographer, and we all know how quickly my attention to challenges wanes, but here we go again. Singer Miguel is coming out with an album later this month, Art Dealer Chic. To kick things off, he’s hosting a Photo a Day Challenge, and I’m going to give it a go. … Continue reading

February: Traveling

The February theme in my 2012 Paulo Coelho planner is traveling. I don’t know yet if my February journey will be literal or figurative, but I do know I kicked off the month with a little relaxing trip to Michigan, and I also know that my birthday is coming up. So…could go either way. Regardless, … Continue reading

ForceOneSeven: The FORCE Be With You

Shout out to Chicago-bred talent. Check out this mixtape from producer ForceOneSeven a.k.a. Na’el Shehade. Tracks include verses from Machine Gun Kelly, Na Palm, Astonish, Ben One and others. I’m definitely feeling it. <iframe width=”100%” height=”450″ scrolling=”no” frameborder=”no” src=””></iframe&gt; Sources: FakeShoreDrive & MIW

Reflections on January: Drive

At the beginning of the month, I used my Paulo Coelho planner as inspiration for a theme for January – drive. I thought I’d take a look back at the past 31 days and see how I did against my goal of pursuing my passions and doing things: Blogging – I wanted to keep the momentum … Continue reading