April Musicians at Work Forum: Recording and manufacturing an independent music project

These days, more people than ever have their own recording equipment and are putting out independent projects. In this month’s Musicians at Work Forum, learn from artists who have gone through the process of recording & manufacturing an independent project. Topics will include how to set up a recording and manufacturing timeline, getting all the … Continue reading

My top SXSW moments

I finally got to go to the SXSW Music Festival in Austin this year! I’ve been wanting to go for years, and this year I was able to go on behalf of a client. It was a TON of work, very exhausting, but totally worth it. I got to interview artists, meet bloggers in person … Continue reading

Modern Polish Posters at the Polish Museum of America in Chicago

I am obsessed with posters, especially Polish posters. Poster art is huge in Poland (and I’d like to think renown internationally), and when I was in Warsaw a year and a half ago, I checked out the Polish Poster Museum at Wilanow, stocked up on books filled with old Polish poster art, and even began … Continue reading

Reflections on February: Traveling

This post is a bit delayed, but March has been crazy. I can’t wait for this month to finally be over! Anyways, February’s theme was traveling, and outside of a weekend getaway to Michigan, I really didn’t actually travel anywhere. But it was my birthday last month, so it was time for another bout of … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Chicago!

As restless as I get, and as much as I love to travel, Chicago just feels like home and I don’t know that I could ever leave. Today, the city celebrates its 175th birthday – Happy Birthday, Chicago! In addition to festivities today, the city is kicking off 175 Days to Love Chicago. Starting today, … Continue reading

Musicians at Work Forum Discusses Licensing for TV, Film & Commercials

March’s Musicians at Work Forum topic is a great one for any musician looking to get their music into films, television programs or commercials. I think we’ve all seen what a placement in a popular Chase TV ad (Five For Fighting), a show like Grey’s Anatomy (The Fray) or a movie like Twilight (Lykki Li) … Continue reading