Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! I stepped up the whole holiday decorating thing this year (by my standards at least). We went out and ended up getting a pretty huge tree, which I managed to fit into the living room after rearranging everything else. Having a fireplace in the living room is just perfect for Christmas coziness and … Continue reading

2012 Year in Review: According to Facebook

My office-mate noticed today that Facebook is offering a feature on your personal profile page called “See your 2012 Year in Review.” Basically, it takes your updates and activity from the past twelve months and compiles a year in review page. Based on my page, I’m guessing they look at most-liked/engaged posts, albums with the … Continue reading

Reverse Google Image Search

This is such a cool new feature: now you can do a Google image search for an actual image file. So for instance, if you have a file and you want to know more about the image, you can go to and drop the actual file into the search box. For example, my co-worker … Continue reading

Diving into the Contemporary Art Market

I’m really excited to be working on a new side project with a talented painter friend of mine, who’s finally ready to exhibit his work and undertake some pretty cool projects! I’ve mentioned before how “everything is connected” and if you’ve read The Alchemist, you know the importance of recognizing signs in life to help … Continue reading

My First Time: Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

Last night, I headed to Lincoln Park Zoo to check out the Zoo Lights exhibit for the first time with my mom. I’d driven by and seen the lights from LSD before, but never actually ventured into the zoo to experience them firsthand. Since it was unseasonably warm (thank you, global warming) I feared the … Continue reading

Lunch at Atwood Cafe

I’ve been wanting to check out the Atwood Cafe for a long time, and finally met Frances there for lunch, to continue our tour of Chicago hotel bars & restaurants. Atwood Cafe is the restaurant at Hotel Burnham (as in Daniel Burnham, famed Chicago architect), which is a Kimpton Hotel. I just love that the … Continue reading