Welcome to my dirty thirties

UPDATE: After Christine’s comment below, I realized I forgot to mention that I practically burst into tears about turning 30 when I called my grandma in Poland and she wished me a happy birthday. It wasn’t just the number 30 that did it, but it was her talking about how it seems just yesterday I … Continue reading

5 Days in Tampa

Earlier this month, I booked a brief getaway to Tampa with my boyfriend and his family. It was a much-needed vacation in the sun. Especially since the morning that we flew out, Chicago looked like this: Day 1: Dali Museum. After we flew into Tampa, we decided to visit the Dali Museum on our way … Continue reading

Happy President’s Day!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of President’s Day, I think of Value City Furniture. I mean, their dancing presidents commercials are top notch. Personally, I prefer the original than the jazzed up current version, with neon dance floors and hipper-dressed presidents. So, with that – Happy President’s Day! The original:   … Continue reading

Has Beens & Wannabes at the Zhou B Art Center

Last month, I finally checked out the Zhou B Art Center during its 3rd Fridays open house event and launch of the Has Beens & Wannabes street art exhibit. I’ve been hearing about several events at the center the past six months, and am still kicking myself for missing a Hebru Brantley exhibit last summer. … Continue reading