Fall Colors Part 2: Starved Rock State Park

I finally convinced someone to drive out to Starved Rock State Park with me to go for a hike. No surprise – it was Daniela. Now, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from a state park, but I was prepared. I pretty much wore the same outfit I had on hiking through the Andes … Continue reading

Fall Colors Part 1: University of Chicago

The other weekend, Daniela and Phil stopped by and made me cook them a 2 pm breakfast. But that was only so we’d have the energy for our fall colors drive to the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. University of Chicago is one of my favorite places in the city. First of all, … Continue reading

Summer Throwback: Sheffield Garden Walk

I never got around to posting about the Sheffield Garden Walk back in July, so I figured I might as well do it today, on this gloomy November Sunday. My mom and I spent a few hours strolling though the side streets off Sheffield, near DePaul – ah, the days of sunshine and warm weather! … Continue reading

Compass to Care Networking Nights

I’d been interested in getting involved in a non-profit board, so when my best friend’s husband mentioned an opening on the associates board for Compass to Care, I jumped at the chance. Compass to Care is a relatively young non-profit that has been doing great things over the past three years. The organization’s sole mission … Continue reading

Osaka Japanese Gardens at Jackson Park

Ever since I read Devil in the White City, I’ve been a bit obsessed with the World’s Columbian Exposition aka the 1893 World Fair in Chicago. It’s so amazing to read about what was built just for that one moment in time. I wish more remnants of the World Fair were still around on the … Continue reading

Recap: Pilsen Open Studios 2013

hex by adr adrian zavala pilsen open studios expo collective

Pilsen Open Studios is a great annual event that showcases the artistic talent this neighborhood houses. But this year’s open studios were especially exciting because Adrian exhibited a sampling of his new HEX by ADR work as part of the Expo Collective pop up gallery. It was a wonderful opportunity for him to see peoples’ … Continue reading

Music Dealers Showcase Local Chicago Artists

On Friday night, I checked out a Halloween party at Music Dealers, where they had three local bands performing that have been featured in the music licensing company’s partnership with Coca-Cola for 52 Songs of Happiness. Sadly, we missed most of the third band because we’re old and can’t hang and ended up leaving to … Continue reading