Art Basel Day 1: Landing in Miami & NADA

I’ve wanted to attend the Miami Beach Art Basel festival for the past couple years, and this year I finally did it. I flew out from Chicago just in time – after a couple days of unseasonably warm temperatures, a deep freeze was hitting. But I sure as hell wasn’t taking a puffy coat to … Continue reading

Chicago Street Art at the Cultural Center

As I was walking to the train from work yesterday, I passed by the Chicago Cultural Center and remembered that it’s hosting a Chicago Street Art exhibit, Paint Paste Sticker, I’ve been meaning to check out. The exhibit is on the top floor and it’s a really nice overview of some of the city’s top … Continue reading

Caturday 12/28

Yes, I realize I’m a crazy cat lady, and I embrace it. The other day, Othello was just sitting on the couch, chillin, and the sunlight hit his handsome furry face so perfectly, I had to do an impromptu photo shoot. Happy Caturday!

Lobster Night

My friend Roy invited a few of us over for dinner the other week. Little did I know what a classy affair it was going to be. Roy ended up cooking lobsters! I’ve only started eating lobster in the past couple years, so I was a little nervous. We started off with eight live lobsters, … Continue reading

Las Vegas

A few weeks ago, I was in Los Angeles for work, with meetings on Friday and Monday. I had planned to spend the weekend with my childhood friend who lives in California, but as we were eating breakfast on Saturday, she mentioned how often she drives over to Vegas for the weekend. Since I’d never … Continue reading