“Slip on the rubber gloves and grab the Hefty bags. It’s time to clean house, Aquarius, as you prepare for your next year of life. Your ‘birth month’ officially begins on Sunday the 19th when the Sun zips into your sign until February 18. Leaving the past in the past is simply a must. If … Continue reading

Dinner Party

The other Saturday night, I forced my friends to come over in the middle of a blizzard for dinner. Hey, I wanted to have a dinner party, and I was going to have a dinner party. I also had some more recipes from Food & Wine I wanted to try out. My pièce de résistance … Continue reading

Street Art in Miller Beach, Indiana

If you thought I was bluffing when I mentioned taking a road trip to Indiana to see some street art, you clearly don’t know me very well. After checking out the Paint Paste Sticker exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center, I learned about a street art project in Miller Beach, Indiana, called Lake Effect. So … Continue reading

Snow Day

No, these photos weren’t taken today, they’re from Christmas Day, but thought now was as good a time as any to share them. As I was driving home, I just had to stop and snap a few shots of the peacefully falling snow (prior to the negative 50-degree wind chills hitting the city).

Art Basel Day 2: Scope Art Fair

I basically did zero research on the festival before heading to Miami, so on day 2, I headed to South Beach and decided to check out the SCOPE Art Fair. What I quickly realized was that there were actually several art fairs happening in Miami simultaneously, and Art Basel at the expo center was just … Continue reading

Cooking Spree

After weeks — no, months — of living with an empty fridge, I finally did groceries. That inspired a one-day cooking spree where I whipped up a Spanish tortilla, spicy chicken milanese, cauliflower with quinoa and chocolate pecan muffins. Of course, I couldn’t undertake hours of cooking without a little snack and hydration – namely, … Continue reading