SOFA 2014

rodrigo lara zendejas art white plaster faces

Better late than never on this one. I had the opportunity to check out the SOFA Expo (Sculpture Objects Functional Art + Design) this past fall during opening night thanks to the Evening Associates at the Art Institute. I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it as much as more painting-focused expos, but I actually saw a lot … Continue reading

Recap: 2014 Reading List

2014 reading list books goodreads

I’m in love with It’s basically a social network for readers, which sounds a little dorky, but is a great way to bookmark what you want to read, rate what you’ve already read and connect with fellow reading enthusiasts for book recommendations. It also let me easily keep track of the books I read … Continue reading


hygge danish culture candlelight candles christmas

I came across this article about seven cultural concepts we don’t have in the U.S. and I’m obsessed with this Danish concept of hygge. The source of this article is a site called Mother Nature Network, but I cross-referenced the term – it’s legit. The term is meant to convey coziness. Candlelight. Companionship. Warmth. Not surprisingly, … Continue reading