Halloween make-up looks

This Halloween, I went all in on a couple make-up looks I’ve been saving on my Pinterest board. Since I dressed up for four separate events, I admittedly got a little lazier towards the end.

But here are my tips for getting the looks below:

  • Start with the outlines first, then fill in the color
  • Black liquid eyeliner works best – although I also used Halloween makeup and a thin brush in a pinch and it worked ok
  • Don’t be scared – just go for it! The first couple lines are the most intimidating, but trust the pattern and draw the lines in one bold stroke so they look clean
  • One of the best tips I got from the video tutorial I link to below is to simply use the bottom of a makeup brush for the white pop art dots


Look 1: Pop Art Zombie
This look was inspired by this Pinterest photo, and this video tutorial was super helpful to figure out the actual execution. I managed to pull this together in just over an hour, but if I had more time I would’ve done more shading and details.

pop art zombie halloween makeup look



Look 2: Pop Art Girl
For our annual pumpkin carving party as well as actual Halloween day, I opted for a simpler and less scary version of my Pop Art Zombie look – just a simple Lichtenstein-inspired pop art girl. This is a repeat from a look I did a few years back, but I stumbled across the perfect dress this year to complete the outfit.



Look 3: Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Ok, admittedly I kind of phoned it in on this one because I wasn’t expecting to dress up one last time. But I had JUST finished watching the new Sabrina show on Netflix and of course I have a stuffed animal black cat to play the role of Salem.



Throwback: Previous Makeup Looks
Just for fun, here are some of my other Halloween makeup looks from previous years!

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