Art Basel 2016

art basel miami beach design fair 2016 gold swan

I once again headed to Miami for Art Basel this year. I mean, how can you resist escaping a Chicago winter to see a bunch of art on the beach? If you’re not familiar with Art Basel, I consider it the SXSW of art. The actual Art Basel fair is a massive affair at the … Continue reading

48 hours: a weekend in NYC

central park nyc new york

I’ve traveled to and through NYC for work countless times but I NEVER have time to actually explore the city. As I headed to NYC for work the week before Thanksgiving, I decided to tack on a weekend to be a tourist in the Big Apple. Luckily, the first day in town was unseasonably warm … Continue reading

ComplexCon 2016

Complexcon long beach 2016

When I heard Complex was hosting its first ComplexCon expo in Long Beach this year, I knew I had to find a way to go. First, I’m an avid Complex reader. Second, the event was curated by the likes of Pharrell and artist Takashi Murakami (who I actually spotted in person, signing autographs on site!). … Continue reading


forsyth park savannah georgia

Savannah has been on my bucket list for years. I’m not sure what sparked my obsession, but it was probably seeing Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil. There’s just something mysterious and romantic about places like Savannah and New Orleans. Ever since, I’ve dreamed of going there, or even moving there and getting … Continue reading

Art Basel Day 3: Design Fair, Perez Museum + Wynwood at Day

marina capdevila mural wynwood miami art basel 2015

Our last day in Miami ended up being the nicest – the sun came out and the weather was gorgeous. Perfect for squeezing in as much as we could. We started with a visit to the Botanical Gardens, which unfortunately did not live up to expectations. That may be because they were right next to … Continue reading

Art Basel 2015: Wynwood at Night

After making it through the convention center, I met up with a couple friends to head over to Wynwood to see our artist friend Marcello Ibanez at a gallery that was exhibiting several of his pieces. Luckily the rain that would not stop most of the day finally cleared up enough for us to roam … Continue reading

Art Basel Day 2: The Expo

art basel miami beach 2015 convention center

On our second day in Miami, we tackled the actual Art Basel exhibition. If you haven’t been to Miami for the art fair before, the actual Art Basel takes place in the Miami Convention Center in South Beach. It is a MASSIVE display of art from all over the world. However, as you’ve likely seen, … Continue reading

Brunch in Sarasota

mural sarasota street art camera leica burns square historic district pineapple street

After one day in St. Petersburg, we were ready to drive to Miami for Art Basel. But a girl’s gotta eat…especially before a 4+ hour drive across the state. So my mom and I decided to stop in Sarasota. I didn’t do any research to see where we should go, so I just set the … Continue reading

Curiosity in St. Petersburg

piotr janowski exhibit curiousity museum of fine art st petersburg florida polish artist aluminum reynold's wrap palm trees

My Art Basel weekend started with a pit stop in St. Petersburg to catch the opening of family friend Piotr Janowski’s exhibit opening at the Museum of Fine Arts there. We (well my mom especially) have known Piotr for years, so we figured we’d take advantage of being in the state to see his work … Continue reading

The French Quarter: A New Orleans Walking Tour

We crammed a lot into our four-day New Orleans trip, but a large chunk of our days was spent just walking up and down the streets of the French Quarter. Here is my photo diary of our explorations.