Art Basel Day 3: Design Fair, Perez Museum + Wynwood at Day

design miami art basel miami beach 2015
Installation outside Design Miami

Our last day in Miami ended up being the nicest – the sun came out and the weather was gorgeous. Perfect for squeezing in as much as we could.

We started with a visit to the Botanical Gardens, which unfortunately did not live up to expectations. That may be because they were right next to the convention center and had been turned into an Art Basel lounge more than a garden. That being said, by lounge standards, it was a great spot.

Since we were right there, we also decided to swing by Design Miami, a fair associated with Art Basel that focuses on interior design and other art objects. It’s not really my sweet spot in terms of art, but there were some cool pieces there.

But the stand-out piece were these moss people by Kim Simonsson. They were so arresting and creepy and beautiful. Sold out.

Next up we swung by the Perez Art Museum. It’s located right on the bay, off A1A. We didn’t have time to tour the museum, but were told it was worth visiting just the exterior. And it was – the museum is surrounded by vibrant plants, palm trees, the city skyline and of course the water, where you can see the humongous cruise ships getting ready to depart. We relaxed for a bit and had lunch at the cafe. Of course, no museum visit (even a non-visit) is complete without visiting the gift shop.

We ended our day by spending several hours walking the streets of Wynwood to check out the murals. As we parked and walked towards where the murals started, we passed this rainbow-painted house and saw the most handsome one-eyed black cat.


Having been in Wynwood several times now, I love finding new pieces I’ve never seen each time around. That means exploring new alleys, going behind fences and venturing further along the periphery than before.

It’s nice to come back and see old favorites too though:

One of the best parts of Wynwood are just all the designs and patterns lining every physical surface – from the walls to the pavement. It’s sensual overload, and I love it.

When I saw this mural, it immediately made me think of my mom and her friends. And then I started to think how in about 40-50 more years this will be me and my crazy-ass friends.

marina capdevila mural wynwood miami art basel 2015
Installation outside Design Miami

I’ll leave you with some of my fave shots from that day:

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