Wrightwood 659

Walking down Wrightwood in Lincoln Park, you pass by a distinctive gray, minimalistic concrete house and can’t help but wonder, “who lives in there”?? (By the way, the resident of that home is one of the co-founders of the art space next door, “media mogul” Fred Eychaner.) But it’s actually the normal-looking condo building next door that houses Wrightwood 659, a new art space that will feature exhibitions around architecture and socially engaged art. Both spaces were designed by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, which you immediately recognize when you walk into Wrightwood 659 and see the familiar concrete walls and stairs.


The current exhibit, “Ando and Le Corbusier: Masters of Architecture,” showcases Ando’s work as well as that of French architect Le Corbusier, who inspired him in many ways. Two of my favorite elements of the exhibit were Ando’s Church of Light and the video that showcased how he transformed the Japanese island of Naoshima with his work.

masters of architecture tadao ando le corbusier wrightwood 659 chicago

Another highlight – the top-floor views of the neighborhood from a glass-enclosed balcony. To one side you see a mash up comprised of a church dome, a gothic home peaked roof and contemporary condo buildings; to the other side, trees reflected against a smooth marble roof, with homes in the background.

wrightwood659 chicagowrightwood659 chicagowrightwood659 chicago lincoln park

To catch this exhibit before it closes on December 15, reserve a free spot on the website.

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