Art & dining at The Cotton Duck

the cotton duck chicago

Frances and I needed to catch up and exchange cat-related Christmas gifts, so she suggested dinner at The Cotton Duck. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, and thought it was in West Loop until I actually Googled the address and realized I needed to head to West Town. As soon as I walked up … Continue reading

Wabi Sabi Uptown

wabi sabi sushi rotary sushi uptown chicago

One of my monthly dinner clubs is with Daniela, Georgia and Bernadette. Each month, we take turns picking a restaurant that no one has tried before. This time, Bernadette’s choice was Wabi Sabi in Uptown – the first rotary sushi spot to open in Chicago. And, it’s right down the street from me! It’s a … Continue reading

The Cool Kids at The AIC

the cool kids art institute chicago evening associates after dark xl

For our last After Dark event of the year, the Evening Associates of the Art Institute pumped things up by featuring a live performance by Chicago’s own The Cool Kids. It was exciting to see them perform together for the first time in years! Leading up to the event, I had the chance to help … Continue reading

Tea Time at The Allis

My girlfriends and I finally overcame our notoriously challenging schedules to plan an outing and catch up. We decided on afternoon tea, and after Mindy put together a spreadsheet of every tea time offering in the city, we decided on The Allis at Soho House. I was ALL about tea time. I even had the … Continue reading

Angry Crab

angry crab lincoln square chicago

For our monthly dinner club, Bernadette, Daniela, Georgia and I finally tried Angry Crab. It’s a cajun boil spot right by my house that always has a line out the door and is supposed to be amazing. I was a little nervous on what to expect, but I ended up loving it! You basically order … Continue reading

Ruido Fest 2016

I got the chance to go to Ruido Fest for the first time this year; it’s basically the Latin version of Riot Fest. The three-day event featured a ton of great Latin artists, including La Santa Cecilia, Jenny and the Mexicats, Aterciopelados and many more. It was a perfect end-of-summer festival. Here are my photos … Continue reading

Saved by the Max

saved by the max chicago

When Saved by the Max tickets went on sale, it was a frenzy of quick-clicking at my office to try and snag some. Openings got booked up by the second so I just grabbed what I could…which ended up being a Monday night at 9 pm. Pro tip for you: do NOT go next door … Continue reading

On Repeat: Gavin Turek

gavin turek 1st ward chop shop chicago

To kick off “Night Heist season,” our Evening Associates board hosted a party at 1st Ward Events at Chop Shop last night. One of the highlights was Gavin Turek, a “disco pop princess” who’s been featured on Billboard, NPR and Vice, among others. She rocked the stage with her smooth voice and vibrant dance moves. She also … Continue reading

The 606

the 606 chicago

One of the city’s newest attractions is The 606 trail. I am totally on board with the concept of re-purposing the former train tracks for a trail. You can tell it’s still a work in progress, but a unique way to explore some of the city’s neighborhoods. Here are a few shots I snapped along the trail (which … Continue reading

Night Heist Gala at the Art Institute

night heist art institute evening associates gala fundraiser

June marked the fifth annual Night Heist gala at the Art Institute, and it was such a blast helping plan it with the Evening Associates board (follow us on Facebook for all our events!). This year’s featured exhibit was Charles Ray: Sculpture, 1997-2014. His massive and intricate aluminum and steel sculptures were the perfect backdrop … Continue reading