Wabi Sabi Uptown

wabi sabi sushi rotary sushi uptown chicago

One of my monthly dinner clubs is with Daniela, Georgia and Bernadette. Each month, we take turns picking a restaurant that no one has tried before. This time, Bernadette’s choice was Wabi Sabi in Uptown – the first rotary sushi spot to open in Chicago. And, it’s right down the street from me!

It’s a pretty cool concept – basically, you sit around a conveyor belt on which various sushi dishes travel through the restaurant. Whenever you see something you want, you just lift the cover and grab the plate. The various plate colors determine the price of the dish. It’s a really fun way to eat sushi!

The food way great and we collected quite the stack of plates:

wabi sabi sushi rotary sushi uptown chicago

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