Wabi Sabi Uptown

wabi sabi sushi rotary sushi uptown chicago

One of my monthly dinner clubs is with Daniela, Georgia and Bernadette. Each month, we take turns picking a restaurant that no one has tried before. This time, Bernadette’s choice was Wabi Sabi in Uptown – the first rotary sushi spot to open in Chicago. And, it’s right down the street from me! It’s a … Continue reading

Uptown Walking Tour

essanay studio uptown chicago history walking tour movies charlie chaplin

My neighborhood is launching a new series of events, Uptown Saturday Nights, and it’s proving to be a great way to explore the area! Yesterday, we checked out a free walking tour to learn a little bit more about Uptown’s history. I already know Uptown has a rich entertainment history, with the Green Mill, Aragon, … Continue reading