Merry Christmas: DIY Book Tree

Christmas 2017 DIY book tree

Every year, I get a real tree for Christmas. I go out, pick one out, stuff it in my car, drag it up to my apartment and decorate it with my childhood ornaments. This year, I started getting in the Christmas spirit early and decided to try creating a book tree I saw online. I … Continue reading

Painting Pumpkins

painted pumpkin halloween diy

I’m very committed to carving pumpkins each year for Halloween. So much so, that I helped start our annual pumpkin-carving party tradition years ago. However, this year I was struggling getting the motivation to dive in, fish out all those seeds and hack away at a pumpkin. Plus, the first pumpkins I prepared were for … Continue reading

Dinner Party

The other Saturday night, I forced my friends to come over in the middle of a blizzard for dinner. Hey, I wanted to have a dinner party, and I was going to have a dinner party. I also had some more recipes from Food & Wine I wanted to try out. My pièce de résistance … Continue reading

Cooking Spree

After weeks — no, months — of living with an empty fridge, I finally did groceries. That inspired a one-day cooking spree where I whipped up a Spanish tortilla, spicy chicken milanese, cauliflower with quinoa and chocolate pecan muffins. Of course, I couldn’t undertake hours of cooking without a little snack and hydration – namely, … Continue reading

Sunday Breakfast 8/18

Every once in a while I go into my kitchen and make myself something to eat. This requires me to actually have something in my fridge aside from butter and a couple bottles of champagne left over from my birthday in February. But sometimes it happens. Anyways, Sunday mornings are the best time to throw … Continue reading

Amateur Flower Arranger for Hire

I’ve had a few random dream jobs over the year. One of my childhood dream jobs was to be a cashier. Pushing all those buttons, scanning items and handling cash money just appealed to me. Luckily, I’ve already fulfilled that dream during my Party City days. Another dream job is flower arranging. Who wouldn’t want … Continue reading

Crispy Polenta Bites a la F&W

We all know that being domestic is not my strong point, but I randomly started getting Food & Wine Magazine recently. Not sure when or where I might have signed up for that, but in the meantime, I decided to try out a recipe. Now, if you read Food & Wine, you know that a … Continue reading