Painting Pumpkins

I’m very committed to carving pumpkins each year for Halloween. So much so, that I helped start our annual pumpkin-carving party tradition years ago. However, this year I was struggling getting the motivation to dive in, fish out all those seeds and hack away at a pumpkin. Plus, the first pumpkins I prepared were for my niece and nephew, and I wanted to find a technique that was kid-friendly so Chloe could help. As a result, this year I was all about painting pumpkins. It’s so much easier! And cleaner! And you still get awesome results (with less concern around when the pumpkin will rot).

painted pumpkin halloween diy
Pumpkins I designed and painted for my nephew Nolan and niece Chloe!

I was really happy with how my first two painted pumpkins turned out, so for our annual pumpkin-carving party, I decided to stick with that technique. I used acrylic paints, and they worked great – they dried quickly and were thick enough to stick to the pumpkin.


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