My Top 90s Hip-Hop/R&B Music Videos

Is there anything more amazing than the never-ending, plot-heavy, character-driven music videos of the 90s? Seriously, they don’t make them like this anymore. Also, I love that P. Diddy is in nearly every music video of the 90s. 6. Busta Rhymes “Dangerous” The visuals in Busta Rhymes’ videos were always vivid and attention-grabbing, but this … Continue reading

Everything is connected?

Sometimes it seems the world just keeps pushing an idea at you. A similar theme keeps appearing in random places. Lately, for me, this has been the theme of dreaming, what happens when you dream, memories and reincarnation. As someone who has very vivid, long, dreams that are often quite disturbing, dreams have a fairly big effect on me. I keep … Continue reading

Great Gatsby trailer

I don’t think I’ll ever outgrow my Leo crush. I love this new trailer for Great Gatsby, and I’m especially excited to see the same director from Romeo & Juliet and Moulin Rouge on board for the movie. Partner that vision with Leo, and how can you go wrong? It’s interesting that they’re using modern … Continue reading


I wasn’t exactly sure how I felt about the Ryan Gosling movie, Drive. As I was watching it, I thought to myself, “This is kind of weird. There’s minimal dialogue and a lot of awkward silences where the actors just look at each other.” Yet, after watching it, I downloaded a couple tracks from the … Continue reading

My top 5 WTTW cooking programs

I’m pretty challenged in the cooking department, but I also don’t have cable, so that results in many hours of watching cooking programs on Chicago’s PBS station, WTTW-11. It’s not that I’m trying to learn how to cook, per se, I just love watching other people cook for some reason. That being said, here are … Continue reading

Somewhere only we know

I fell in love with this trailer for Winnie the Pooh when I first saw a preview last summer, but now that it’s out, I’m in love all over again. Great example of finding the perfect song for the trailer.

Around the way girl

Daniela emailed me this definition of what an around the way girl is from Urban Dictionary: “a girl that is comfortable enough with her own femininity that she rocks sneakers that can show up any man (with sexiness that rivals any other chick in stilettos). this girl knows how get down, is smart mouthed, confident, intelligent, … Continue reading

Art galleries pop up throughout Chicago

As I was bumming around downtown Chicago the other day, I decided to stop by an exhibit, “Love Flows Both Ways.” It’s an urban art exhibit I heard about after I stumbled upon the Maxwell Colette Gallery blog, which is a very cool source of urban and street art. What I also stumbled upon is Pop-Up … Continue reading

An evening with John Irving & Elizabeth Gilbert

Randomly enough, both John Irving and Elizabeth Gilbert ended up having a book signing event at Empik while I’m here in Warsaw.  When I heard that John Irving was coming, I knew I had to go and meet him. Ever since I read A Prayer for Owen Meany in high school, I’ve been a fan … Continue reading

The Alchemist: A Story About Following Your Dreams

Whenever I’m in need of some soul-searching or inspiration, I read Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist. It’s such a simple story and quick read, but it has probably impacted my life more than any other book I’ve read (and I read a lot). The Alchemist follows the journey of a boy looking for his Personal Legend. It shows us … Continue reading