Art & dining at The Cotton Duck

the cotton duck chicago

Frances and I needed to catch up and exchange cat-related Christmas gifts, so she suggested dinner at The Cotton Duck. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, and thought it was in West Loop until I actually Googled the address and realized I needed to head to West Town. As soon as I walked up … Continue reading

Wabi Sabi Uptown

wabi sabi sushi rotary sushi uptown chicago

One of my monthly dinner clubs is with Daniela, Georgia and Bernadette. Each month, we take turns picking a restaurant that no one has tried before. This time, Bernadette’s choice was Wabi Sabi in Uptown – the first rotary sushi spot to open in Chicago. And, it’s right down the street from me! It’s a … Continue reading

Tea Time at The Allis

My girlfriends and I finally overcame our notoriously challenging schedules to plan an outing and catch up. We decided on afternoon tea, and after Mindy put together a spreadsheet of every tea time offering in the city, we decided on The Allis at Soho House. I was ALL about tea time. I even had the … Continue reading

Angry Crab

angry crab lincoln square chicago

For our monthly dinner club, Bernadette, Daniela, Georgia and I finally tried Angry Crab. It’s a cajun boil spot right by my house that always has a line out the door and is supposed to be amazing. I was a little nervous on what to expect, but I ended up loving it! You basically order … Continue reading

Saved by the Max

saved by the max chicago

When Saved by the Max tickets went on sale, it was a frenzy of quick-clicking at my office to try and snag some. Openings got booked up by the second so I just grabbed what I could…which ended up being a Monday night at 9 pm. Pro tip for you: do NOT go next door … Continue reading