Angry Crab

angry crab chicago

For our monthly dinner club, Bernadette, Daniela, Georgia and I finally tried Angry Crab. It’s a cajun boil spot right by my house that always has a line out the door and is supposed to be amazing. I was a little nervous on what to expect, but I ended up loving it!

You basically order bags full of different seafood, and select how many pounds you want, what level of heat, which spices (or all of them), and any additions like potato or corn. My tips:

  • Forego the additions of potato or corn. They’re so unnecessary – just focus on the seafood!
  • Go for the “all spices” mix of sauce – just go crazy and have them dump it all in there (Maniac option)
  • Pass on the crawfish. This is probably more of a personal preference, but I’d never had crawfish before and I didn’t realize how little meat there was on them – it was just challenging to get much off them, and it was too gross picking their little bodies apart. On the other hand, I realized I absolutely LOVE crab legs.
  • Take the bag of remaining seasoning and liquid home and use it all up!

The nice thing is that Angry Crab is BYOB, so despite ordering quite a bit of seafood, our bill really was not that bad.

Post-dinner traditional group shot!

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