Lazy River Tubing


This summer, Erika and I finally got this Groupon to try Lazy River Tubing in Indiana through Cannonball Productions. I was a little nervous and unsure what to expect, but it ended up being a really fun day! Floating down the river was so relaxing…like, really relaxing. You are miles from the city, it’s quiet and peaceful, and you can be completely lazy and just take it all in.


What to expect:

  • You leave from the Rock’n’Roll McDonald’s (it will always be Rock’n’Roll McD’s to me) in the morning and hop on a bus to drive a couple hours into Indiana
  • Once you arrive, you set up a cluster of tubes, with a raft in the middle to hold your cooler of snack and drinks within arm’s reach, surrounded by tubes you lay on
  • Then, you just float for about three hours
  • At the end, you exit the lazy river and get a taco dinner before heading back on the bus


  • Watch out for how much you drink during the three-hour journey – it might sneak up on you by the end.
  • Keep your phone in a plastic bag, because you WILL inevitably drop it in the water.
  • Bring a portable speaker so you can listen to music
  • Go with a group! Erika and I had a lovely time, but it would also have been fun to have at least a couple more people there

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