Art & dining at The Cotton Duck

the cotton duck chicago

Frances and I needed to catch up and exchange cat-related Christmas gifts, so she suggested dinner at The Cotton Duck. I hadn’t heard of the restaurant before, and thought it was in West Loop until I actually Googled the address and realized I needed to head to West Town.

As soon as I walked up to the venue, I was in love. It has a rustic-looking wooden fence hiding a charming little courtyard which much be beautiful in the summer. This night, everything in it, including a metal horse structure, was coated in snow.

And the concept of the restaurant is a concept I’d leverage if I ever opened my own restaurant – the walls are covered in art from rotating artists, and the menu is inspired by the work being exhibited. So the menu also changes every three months. We were lucky to be there in December because it was a “best of” theme – art from all the various featured artists of 2016 was up and the menu featured favorite items from the year as well.

Speaking of the menu, the food was DELISH. I wanted to order pretty much everything on the menu, but Frances and I narrowed it down to brussel sprouts (always amazing), arancini with some pork sausage (kind of different but still scrumptious), seared tuna (suggested by our server and the best appetizer we tried) and a main course of waygu skirt steak (mouth-watering).

the cotton duck chicago

And lastly, the art. We were seated in front of a picturesque painting, and annoyingly asked our server to take a million photos of us. And I even spotted a Picasso line drawing…of a butt. I loved it. I aspire to one day own a Picasso butt drawing.

picasso line drawing butt the cotton duck chicago

I’ll definitely be back at The Cotton Duck…preferably in the summer to enjoy the outdoor seating!

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