Tea Time at The Allis


My girlfriends and I finally overcame our notoriously challenging schedules to plan an outing and catch up. We decided on afternoon tea, and after Mindy put together a spreadsheet of every tea time offering in the city, we decided on The Allis at Soho House.


I was ALL about tea time. I even had the perfect outfit for it – a dress I picked up in Warsaw by a local Polish brand, Project Mess. The pattern and cut were just right for tea!

First of all, I am a huge fan of tea. I grew up drinking it and I love it. I’m also a fan of rose wine in fancy glasses. Lastly, I devoured the finger sandwiches. I’m more of a savory person over sweet, so the sandwiches were much more appealing than the pastries and desserts on our platter. Plus, Soho House has such a cool vibe. I’d definitely recommend The Allis for afternoon tea.

Having ate and drank a bunch at The Allis, we decided to take a stroll….to Bar Siena to eat and drink some more! We are ridiculous. In our defense, we originally went there for a drink and picked up a bottle of Prisoner red wine. Then, after the first bottle, we decided we needed something to nibble on, so ordered a savory pasta dish. Bonus for Andrea – she spotted a cast member of Chicago Fire at the bar and was able to get a photo with him!

It was a fun day with the ladies. Cheers!


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