Sunday Breakfast 8/18

polish breakfast

Every once in a while I go into my kitchen and make myself something to eat. This requires me to actually have something in my fridge aside from butter and a couple bottles of champagne left over from my birthday in February. But sometimes it happens.

Anyways, Sunday mornings are the best time to throw down on a real breakfast. Today, after a rare trip to Fresh Farms, I actually had the ingredients for a simple but nostalgic breakfast. These simple open-faced sandwiches and Nescafe instant coffee definitely remind me of Poland.

Breakfast sandwiches:

  • Pasztet/pate – even though I’m pretty sure it’s quite unhealthy, I really love pate. While it’s best to get a block from the Polish deli, you can also get prepackaged pate in some grocery stores.
  • Ser morski/Polish morski cheese – a slightly soft yellow cheese that I don’t see around often
  • Radishes/rzodkiewka – apparently, back in the days of communism, my mom used to eat these with butter and it was quite the treat. I think that was the story. Anyways, I always think of eating radishes with cottage cheese for breakfast back in Poland.
  • Cucumber/ogorek – I think we all know what this is

I love me some open-faced sandwiches!

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