Amateur Flower Arranger for Hire

I’ve had a few random dream jobs over the year. One of my childhood dream jobs was to be a cashier. Pushing all those buttons, scanning items and handling cash money just appealed to me. Luckily, I’ve already fulfilled that dream during my Party City days.

Another dream job is flower arranging. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days selecting flowers and creating beautiful arrangements? I’ve often preferred to hand pick flowers at Jewel or Dominick’s and create custom bouquets for my mom or friends on special occasions. Most recently, I created several arrangements for my brother’s engagement party. This time, I headed to Mariano’s, and with $60 worth of flowers, was able to create six smaller bouquets in mason jars and one larger arrangement in a vase.

As much as I love to arrange my own flowers, I have to shout out two of my neighborhood flower shops that I absolutely love, and often visit when I don’t have the time or energy to try my own hand at a creative arrangement.

  • Forget Me Knodt: this new Uptown shop usually has flower petals scattered outside the door, and always has adorable vases available for its gorgeous bouquets (including mason jars of course). They’ve already been featured on sites like Daily Candy.
  • Marguerite Gardens: this Andersonville flower shop features beautiful flowers as well as other fun “uncommon objects.” They can also help you with your home garden.

I’ll end this post by saying, congrats to my brother and his fiance!

Congrats Rafal & Lena!
Congrats Rafal & Lena!

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