The Foursquare Time Machine

Foursquare has just teamed up with Samsung to unveil the Foursquare Time Machine. The app build an infographic based on your check-in activity, and mine has uncovered some interesting insights about my life the past four years:

  • Apparently I’ve slowly begun to mature (and become more lame), as my nightlife check-ins have decreased and my professional check-ins have increased.
  • I’m happy to see that my attempt to hit up more arts & entertainment events is reflected here.
  • Don’t let my “top weekend spot” fool you – I actually haven’t been to World Gym in months.

If you’re a Foursquare user, get your own customized infographic here.

Foursquare time machine Infographic

One Response to “The Foursquare Time Machine”
  1. Agatha, wow~ Amazing and wonderfu job done. / By the way, let me ask how you can make above infographic? Can you introduce TOOL which makes me possible later? Thanks for your feedback!! (

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