Cooking Spree

Spicy chicken milanese and cauliflower with quinoa
Spicy chicken milanese and cauliflower with quinoa

After weeks — no, months — of living with an empty fridge, I finally did groceries. That inspired a one-day cooking spree where I whipped up a Spanish tortilla, spicy chicken milanese, cauliflower with quinoa and chocolate pecan muffins. Of course, I couldn’t undertake hours of cooking without a little snack and hydration – namely, olives and wine. I am obsessed with these Pearls pimiento-stuffed olives.

My go-to cookbook lately is this Easy Breakfast & Brunch one, with a mix of egg-related dishes and things to bake. That’s where the Spanish tortilla and chocolate pecan muffins came from. I was nervous about making the tortilla, but it actually turned out well. Yes, it only has three ingredients, but it does require a lot of flipping.

For some reason, I always mess up cookies, but muffins I can do. The chocolate pecan muffins were a success, especially since I finally invested in a bottle of maple syrup instead of swapping out syrup for honey.

Usually when I’m pan-frying and breading meat I go with pork, but this Food & Wine recipe for spicy chicken milanese caught my eye. To keep the heat going, I also made some roasted cauliflower with quinoa (same Food & Wine issue). Othello supervised.

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