On Repeat: DVSN

Each week, I’m excited to discover at least a handful of new songs or artists that I immediately become obsessed with and play on repeat. Sometimes they’re new, sometimes they’re old, sometimes they’re just tracks I’ve always loved and get in the mood to listen to again.

This week, it’s dvsn, a new artist/project from Nineteen85. It’s no surprise I’d love these tracks since Nineteen85 is a producer from OVO who’s responsible for some of my fave Drake tracks (not that I don’t love them all, of course).

For more info on dvsn, check out this Vice article.

There are now four tracks on dvsn’s SoundCloud, and they’re all equally amazing. They’re haunting, sexy, entrancing. I will be repeatedly refreshing his page for more music. In the meantime, check him out:

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