Art Basel Day 2: The Expo

art basel miami beach 2015 convention center

On our second day in Miami, we tackled the actual Art Basel exhibition. If you haven’t been to Miami for the art fair before, the actual Art Basel takes place in the Miami Convention Center in South Beach. It is a MASSIVE display of art from all over the world.

However, as you’ve likely seen, there are numerous surrounding art fairs taking place simultaneously, like SCOPE, Untitled, Art Miami and the Red Dot Fair, just to name a few. So Art Basel is basically the art version of SXSW, where the original fair has spawned countless side events that are now as much a part of the Art Basel experience as the convention center itself.

That being said, making it through the entire convention is quite an undertaking. It’s hard to even recap all that I saw there, so all I can offer are shots of some of the artwork that made the greatest impression on me.

Of course we had to take a halftime break to enjoy a drink at the Collector’s Lounge, which we had access to thanks to free VIP passes to the art fair through my involvement in the Art Institute Evening Associates Board.

There were a couple pieces that featured wild life that were especially impactful. One was a Damien Hirst piece that was probably the top photo opp of the show. The second featured a tiny bunny curled up amidst dandelion seeds.

While the novelty of neon-lit pieces seems to have worn off, I still always find a couple that catch my attention.

However, paintings are still my fave medium.

One medium I’m not a big fan of is video, but “I’ll finally loose the plot…” by Alice Theobald had me completely mesmerized. It shows a couple in an apartment, on monitors that show them from different points of views. They’re making the most mundane movements, but the music makes me feel like something sinister is about to happen.

Lastly, here’s a shot of my mom under the sign for Foksal Gallery in Warsaw – right near where my grandma lives and we stay when we’re in Poland.

foksal gallery warsaw warszawa art basel miami beach 2015
Foksal Gallery from Warsaw

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