Road trip part 3 – Graceland

We couldn’t leave Memphis without visiting Graceland. The tour started at Elvis’ mansion, which was decorated quite stylishly. Let me just say, the peacock stained glass in the living room – I WANT that. It was an interesting tour, though, learning about the life of another legend.

Besides the mansion, there were a number of other exhibits we checked out (since we did get the platinum package, after all), including one about Elvis’ cars, another about his time in the army and a third one of his private jets (which you can actually go into).

The most fascintating thing to me, however, is the brilliant marketing at Graceland. For each exhibit, you have  to exit and sometimes even enter through a gift shop! And each gift shop has different merchandise. and you get something at each shop. At least I did. Let’s just say I bought a book, sheet music, guitar picks, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. “Please exit through gift shop” – brilliant!

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