Tonight we went to see a FCBarcelona (aka Barça) soccer game. Their stadium is huge – it holds 100,000 people! But first things first…

So Adrian accidentally ordered six tickets online instead of two – don´t ask me why or how – so we had to sell four tickets at the stadium right before the game. Luckily, we found a guy that was selling tickets and wanted ours too. I must say, I was really impressed with Adrian´s negotiating skills! We had four tickets, and Adrian got the guy to go from his first offer of 80 euros for all four, to 120 euros for the tickets. What I learned is that the key to successful negotiation truly is to know when to walk away. As soon as Adrian turned to leave when the guy wouldn´t budge from 100 or even 110 euros, he stopped him and finally coughed up the money.

After that first fiasco was over, we made the long, hot, sweaty trek up to the fifth tier. The fifth tier of a 100,000 capacity stadium, may I remind you! And it only took us a good four tries to find our seats!

After that it was smooth sailing. It was a great game and Barcelona beat the Kiev Dynamo 2 – 0, with Barça´s star player, Messi, making one of the goals.


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