The Disastrous Morning and Tossa del Mar

This morning was, as I called it, a disaster. Late last night, we finally decided to take a bus to Costa Brava to a town called Tossa. The bus was leaving at 10 am this morning, so we figured to leave our hotel at 9 am, just to be safe. Of course, that didn´t happen. By the time we leave the hotel, it´s aready 9:30 am, or maybe even a few minutes later. So we are lugging all our heavy ass luggage all through the metro station, and there are approximately 600 flights of stairs on the way. I´m sweating my ass off, and I´m not happy. Luckily, we catch the bus with one minute to spare! Unfortunately, that one minute is not long enough to get any food, so I´m stuck on a 1+ hour bus ride with no breakfast! Needless to say, there was no chit-chat between Adrian and I on the bus.

We get to Tossa and it´s beautiful, but we still haven´t figured out what to do over the next couple days, so we´re still stuck with all our luggage. Then this genius (me) decides we should drag our heavy luggage across the entire, hilly town to eat by the sea. What kind of idiot does that? This one right here (me again). I think it was my stupidest idea so far.

Regardless, Tossa turned out to be gorgeous. The small beach is surrounded by mountainous cliffs and a medieval tower and ruins that tower over the entire town. The town itself is super charming and consists of these narrow, hilly streets of stone. There´s even a bronze statue of Ava Gardner at the top of the mountain since she starred in a film that was filmed there in 1950 called Pandora.

Most importantly, I got to eat at a nice little spot by the sea, right on the beach and at the foot of the mountain with the tower and ruins.


Part 2 of the Luggage Fiasco, and Parts 2 & 3 of the Bus Fiasco

After relaxing at Tossa for a few hours and taking a nap on the beach, we had to get back to the bus stop. And thus begins Part 2 of the luggage fiasco. If I hated myself for the initial trek across town with our suitcases and bags, I was really kicking myself when we had to drag our luggage all the way back across Tossa, this time uphill! No amount of deodorant could have prevented the sweat that was going on.

Unfortunately, once Part 2 of the luggage fiasco came to a close, Parts 2 and 3 of the bus fiasco kicked off. First, we just made the bus to Lloret del Mar, so we had no time to grab a snack, which I really needed by now because we had only eaten once up to this point, and it was nearly 6 pm! So we get to Lloret, which is basically the Cancun of Costa Brava and attracts a lot of European visitors, and actually reminds me of Wisconsin Dells a lot, including all the Polish people that visit there.

Once again, we have about one minute to spare before we have to hop onto a bus to Girona, our next destination. And that of course means that once again we had no time for food before the 1+ hour trip to Girona! I was not happy, and I might have even thrown a little fit at the bus stop. Needless to say, the minute we got off the bus in Girona, Adrian handed me a sandwich.

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