We decided to take a trip from Madrid to Toledo, which is just a 30-45 minute drive away and used to be Spain´s capital.

Although if you´re driving, let me warn you, navigating the narrow, steep, winding streets of Toledo is no fun in a car, especially driving stick shift! I know, because that´s exactly what we did. In Adrian´s search for premium parking near our hotel (which of course was located in the area of Toledo most difficult to access by car), we encountered streets that were less than 2 meters wide, and often times our little rental car barely made it through!

The good news is we found a parking garage and then walked over to our hotel, Hotel Eurico. The better news was that it was a cute little hotel and our room was nice, spacious and clean. The best news was that we actually had a view for the first time! And it´s a view of the huge Cathedral in Toledo, which we are literally one and a half blocks away from. This is truly a prime location!

Once we finally got settled in, we walked around Toledo a bit and saw the Cathedral. I definitely recommend visiting this attraction, since it´s truly impressive and shows off the power and wealth of the Catholic church. After the Cathedral, we had dinner in the main square, where the restaurant even offered a Mexican paella. Not sure what that is exactly, but I commend them for being creative.

We relaxed after dinner and then headed back out to experience Toledo at night. I think some of our best moments have been in places like Girona and Toledo, where we´ve been able to walk the quiet, history-filled streets at night. It´s such a relief from the crazy days of sightseeing and tourists.

We ended up finding a really cool bar that had a cave-like interior (literally, the walls were those of a cave) and had a few beers outside. It was an awesome atmosphere to relax in!

After some very philosophical and deep discussions (fueled by beer of course), we walked back to the hotel and had a chance to walk past the huge cathedral, which is all lit up at night. There were even bats flying around near its towers.

Thanks, Hotel Eurico, for the unforgettable stay!


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