Let’s go to Segovia!

Today, we took a bus to Segovia. That is, we took a bus after dragging ass getting ready and eating “breakfast.” (On a sidenote, we ate at VIPS for the third time in two days. Not that I minded, because I love me some VIPS!) Unfortunately, when we arrived to Segovia, itwas raining. When in doubt, eat. Adrian was hungry again, so we just ducked into a restaurant to eat and hoped for the rain to pass. Luckily it did! And the restaurant was a cute little hole in the wall, very reminiscent of an “obiady domowe” (home cooking) spot in Poland.

Our first stop in Segovia was the Cathedral. Then we visited the Alcazar, which was really nice. It had some awesome wooden ceiling designs and beautiful stained glass windows.

Segovia Alcazar Stained Glass Window

And there was a gorgeous view of the surrounding town. Especially from the top of the Alcazar’s tower, which we reached by climbing an exhausting number of spiral stairs. Incidentally, I’ve realized that climbing spiral stairs makes me really anxious for some reason. And it’s actually worse going up than going down. Luckily, I refrained from having any kind of panic attack.


When we finished at the Alcazar, we headed back across town. Segovia was definitely another one of those charming, quaint and quiet towns, similar in feel to Toledo and Girona.

On the  way across Segovia, we stopped at a little tavern for water, which I desperately needed after the climb up that tower at the Alcazar. Turns out, the place I randomly chose was a nice little wine bar. We even got to meet Lucio de  Campo there, who was named the best sommelier in Spain in 2002 and seems to “reside” at the bar. Naturally, while we were there, we had to have a couple glasses of wine. So we tried a nice Cabernet from Segovia and then a Cabernet-Tempranillo blend, which I liked a little more.

After that pit stop, we continued on to see the great aqueduct of Segovia. Yes, the very one I didn’t see during my last trip to Spain because me and my roommate overslept the day of our Segovia field trip due to some late night drunken debauchery. But that was college. Anyways, it was a pretty large and impressive structure, but I have to admit – I still have no idea how it works or its real purpose.

At this point, it started to rain again, so we hopped back on a bus and returned to Madrid.

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