Last Night in Madrid

After lunch at Don Jamon’s and a much-needed nap, we decided to make the most of our last night in Madrid. But first, of course, we had to eat again! So we stopped by Museo de Jamon (no, not a real museum), where I had a sandwich mixto (grilled ham and cheese with a fried egg in it). I don’t think I’ve ever eaten as much fried eggs as I have in Spain – one of my most favorite dishes is meat (pork chops or veal milanesa) with fries and a fried egg on the side. Yum!

After our snack, we tried to find a flamenco show to see but it was a little out of  our budget. Especially my budget, since I was down to my last dollar (literally) and therefor didn’t even technically have a budget left. We ended up just walking through Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor back to the La Latina neighborhood. This time we found two streets (Cava Baja & Cava Alta) lined with bars and just hopped from one place to another, having beers and free tapas (a lot of places will hook you up with a free tapa to go with your beer, anything from calamari to tostas with chorizo or ham).

On the way home, Adrian was being a smartass becuase I accidentally started taking us back completely the wrong way – but the important thing is that I realized it and got us turned around into the right direction. So I let him lead the way back to the hotel with absolutely no input from me, and amazingly, he got us there!

After stopping at the hotel and then deciding we weren’t finished partying  it up, we went out again to a nearby bar. On the way, Adrian felt the need to poke his head into some shady bar that had an orange curtain covering the entrance. And thus commenced the second time during our trip that Adrian said “Hola!” to a group of prostitutes.

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