Sweet Home Chicago

As we boarded our train in Barcelona, we were so close to being home, yet so far away! First, we flew to Berlin. Luckily, I knocked out and slept through most of the flight. After a layover in Berlin, we boarded the plane to Chicago. And we waited. And waited while engineers fixed some kind of technical problem – with the bathroom! Forty minutes later, we finally took off.

Unfortunately, this time I couldn’t fall asleep. First, we ran into some really bad turbulence. I was silently freaking out as even all the flight attendants had to sit down and buckle up. Finally, we got through the turbulence and I managed to refrain from having a massive panic attack (just barely).

Then, there was a medical emergency on the flight. They literally made an announcement asking of there was a doctor on the plane. Meanwhile, the asshole sitting next to me (not Adrian) is betting that the emergency is a heart attack. Then, he complains that  he hopes this doesn’t mean we get  re-routed and stop somewhere. I never found out what the emergency was, but we made it all the way back to Chicago in the end.

And my weirdo neighbor sure had quite an assortment of hobbies. Throughout the flight, he read several enthusiast magazines, including biking, scuba diving and woodworking ones.

After the long, stressful and sleepless flight (although I did watch several movies during the trip), we finally made it to Chicago! And it was freezing! I heard it was cold here, but this is just ridiculous. Vacation is definitely over (insert sad face here).

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