AK meets AK at Collabo’s February event

Last week I attended a Collabo event for the first time. It’s a monthly music business mixer event, bringing together established and aspiring musicians under the theme of collaboration. This month’s event took place at DeLux and had a pretty diverse panel talking about breaking barriers and crossing over:

  • Carter Russell: Founder of Carter Russell Music, a a full-service marketing and promotions company focusing on music, sports and comedy. Lots of experience working in marketing and promotions at major labels with some impressive artists.
  • Lee Johnson: Atlantic Records. Provided an interesting perspective from a major label perspective.
  • Vince Lawrence: Producer at Slang Music, a group that specializes in creating remix and original music for television commercials, artists, film and gaming.
  • Edward ‘Get Down’ Crosby: DJ that started in the club scene and mixing on WGCI and is now trailblazing the Christian and inspirational jams scene.

I enjoyed listening to the panel, hosted by Collabo creator Mary Datcher, President of On The Street Promotions and Marketing. However, my true big moment was meeting AK from Do or Die! He was at the event promoting and performing his new solo single (and yes, Do or Die is getting together to do another album soon).

And yes, meeting AK was even better than eating a gallon of tater tots:

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