Drizzy Drake Concert at Chicago Theater

I got to see Drake in concert at the Chicago Theater (yes, I planned my return from Europe and then L.A. to be back on time just in case my friend came through with a ticket, which he did!), and it was a great show!

The performances were relatively simple, but all I needed was Drake on stage. And that’s what I got – no backup dancers, no posse, just a mic, a band and lasers/lighting.

Drizzy doing his thing
Drake with his live band
Lights & lasers set the mood

But most importantly, he played all the songs I wanted to hear – a good mix from his album, mixtapes and featured verses. He performed his verse from the “Unthinkable” remix as well as “Fireworks”:

He even did a tribute to Aaliyah before getting into “Unforgettable.” He covered “Best I Ever Had,” “Find Your Love” and sang my favorite song off Thank Me Later, “Shut it Down!” He even added a little vocal rendition of “Nothin on You.”

And of course it was far from over until he performed my anthem – “I’m doin’ me!

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