Cook County Forest Preserve: Niles edition

Niles forest preserve

What a beautiful fall day for a bike ride through the woods!

Things I saw on the bike trail today:

  1. A wolf in the woods. Ok, it wasn’t really a wolf. Technically it was a woman walking a husky, but at first I didn’t see the woman in the woods so it really did look like a wolf roaming around.
  2. Barefoot people. Can someone please explain to me why I saw one woman jogging barefoot down the path, and a little while later saw some guy taking a walk barefoot?
  3. A furry caterpillar. It was cute.

Things I did not see on the bike trail today: Botanic Gardens. Yes, my goal to ride my bike all the way to the gardens seems further than ever!


  1. No, there are still some really beautiful spots! With bright yellow leaves, and leaves floating through the air…. Except this weekend it’s supposed to rain!

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