Cook County Forest Preserve: Niles edition

Niles forest preserve

What a beautiful fall day for a bike ride through the woods!

Things I saw on the bike trail today:

  1. A wolf in the woods. Ok, it wasn’t really a wolf. Technically it was a woman walking a husky, but at first I didn’t see the woman in the woods so it really did look like a wolf roaming around.
  2. Barefoot people. Can someone please explain to me why I saw one woman jogging barefoot down the path, and a little while later saw some guy taking a walk barefoot?
  3. A furry caterpillar. It was cute.

Things I did not see on the bike trail today: Botanic Gardens. Yes, my goal to ride my bike all the way to the gardens seems further than ever!

2 Responses to “Cook County Forest Preserve: Niles edition”
  1. Min says:

    boo – trees are lookin bare. I was hoping to take the Smith family pictures there!

  2. agathakubalski says:

    No, there are still some really beautiful spots! With bright yellow leaves, and leaves floating through the air…. Except this weekend it’s supposed to rain!

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